Changes full of energy

Because our past influences our future.
Energetic work cleanses the past. For tomorrow.

Breakthroughs for new growth

Address challenges together. View from an energetic perspective.
Cleanse and release. Make way for new developments.

Kick-start desicions

So you can go your own path.

See behind the scene


Support with your changes.
Let your light shine bright again.














We are surrounded by energy.
Some does us good, some less. / Some of it is good for us, others less so.
As with a spring cleaning, energy can be cleansed.
In rooms, at work, with children, around yourself, even for pets.

Time and again we face difficult decisions. Changes are required.
With a view behind the scenes I can energetically support the transformation process and assist you in finding the best decision.
Based on your resolve for implementing necessary changes
With my coaching, we address your issues at the root.

For your wellbeing.

Sonja Rütimann

Sonja Rütimann

Sonja Rütimann
Born in 1965, 3 adult children

I have been deeply involved in energetic work since the early eighties of the last century. From 1984 onwards I have enjoyed training and seminars at the Limpa Centre (Burgdorf / Rupperswil). Apart from that, I have regulary participated in seminars given by Bob Moore at the Psykisk Center Aps in Ringkobing, Denmark between 1986 and 1996. In recent years, I have also received training and further education in Thetareading with Franziska Winkler, Winterthur. Since December 2021 I am also a certified teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.


Certificate following a commercial apprenticeship
Certified communal mayor, as a civil status registrar and communal finance management.Master in Corporate Development Manager NDS FH

Other business related mandates:
President of the Board of Directors, Öpfelbaum Bioladen AG, Uster until July 2020
Since 2021 Member of the Board of Directors, Öpfelbaum AG, Uster
Since 2017 Member of the Board of Directors, Bio Partner Schweiz AG, Seon
Until 2021, various mandates for organic agriculture and the organic retail trade


& Friends

& Friends

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How to find me

Sonja Rütimann
Energie & Coaching is located at “Brauereistrasse 11” in Uster (side entrance).

It’s an approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Uster train station.
By car you will find public parking space on Brauereistrasse or at the public swimming pool «Dorfbad».

How to reach me


The most convenient way is by phone: +41 (0)44 942 09 08.
Alternatively send me a message by following the instructions in the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.